Feb 15, 2017

Valentine's day Tiramisú

Usually every year me and my mom have done some kind of cake or at least some baking for Valentine's day. In this year we had so much things to do. My mom was really busy so I had to do it all by myself. I didn't mind it but I love to bake with her.

We've read few different recipes how to make a tiramisú but we've done it always with our own way. Today I want to share this recipe, which enables I did this tiramisú yesterday. Before that though, a few funny facts. Tiramisú is an italian word meaning "raise me" which means like cheer me up. The name refers to an effect of caffeine which has been used as a spice. Another funny fact is that this is my first recipe post in my blog.



2 package (400 grams) of Savoiardi biscuits (Ladyfingers)

About 6 deciliters of strong cold coffee

1 package (400 grams) of mascarpone

5  deciliters of whipped cream 

5 tablespoons of caster sugar 

2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar

1 package (330 grams) of apricot marmalade


little bit of dark chocolate 

10 pink meringue balls

2 raspberry pastries 


1. Take all the necessary ingredients up to your kitchen's table so they are available whenever you need them. Wash your hands and just start to bake. 

2. Make about 6 deciliters of strong coffee. When the coffee is ready, move it to a hot-proof dish and let it cool. First of all I cooled it in a hot-proof dish in a cool water-filled vessel sink. When it wasn't hot anymore I put it in the fridge. 

3. Whip the cream until it's stiff. Add both of the sugars during the whipping and finally after that add the mascarpone. With mascarpone the mixture becomes thick and it would be little bit hard to mix it. However, make it smooth.  

4. Dip about half of the biscuits into a strong cold coffee one by one. If you want you can add little bit sugar into the coffee but it's not necessary. Pile the dipped biscuits to entire surface of a large dish side by side so the whole bottom is covered. 

5. Add first into the dipped biscuits layer half of the apricot marmalade (about 165 grams) and after about half of the whipped cream (2 and half deciliters). 

6. Dip the rest of the biscuits into a strong cold coffee one by one and pile the dipped biscuits. Then add rest of the apricot marmalade and the rest of the whipped cream. After all, make the topping look beautiful and flatted. 

7.  Grate a bit of the dark chocolate. Split the middle the raspberry pastries. Arrange them in the middle of the cake. Then arrange the meringue balls around them. And finally, springle the chocolate so the whole white whipped cream bottom is covered. 

8. Let the tiramisú retreat in the fridge to a next day. It's more tasty then. And just enjoy it with for example  a nice cup of coffee. 

It was pretty easy to make it. The recipe was easy and I think it's easy to follow it. I hoped you liked it and let me know if you tried to make it. 

- Love, RN

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