Feb 9, 2017

January favourites

January is already behind us. So it's time to look back and see what favourites I had in this month.

I got as a Christmas present few makeup things that I'm loving. First one is my The Blushed Nudes® Eye Shadow Palette from Maybelline, New York. The palette consisting of twelve expertly curated eyeshadow shades, all in neutral tones. The emphasis here is on the blushed aspect, mostly meaning that these shades have more rose and pink tones to them. This palette is extremely similar to Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette, which is primarily cool and rosy toned like this one. I love a lot rose gold and I have been using this palette almost every day in my daily makeup. As you can probably see from my palettes look. The most to my movable eyelid I have been using the rose gold shade. I have been doing my eyeliner with the darkest sparkling black shade. And to inner corners of my eyes I have been using one of the lightest pink shade. I got it as a early Christmas present box where was also a Last Sensational black mascara from also Maybelline, New York. It wasn't really expensive with the mascara on the box. The whole box cost only 21,90 € (euro). 

Next product is Lingerie Liquid Lipstick from NYX in a shade of  06 - Push-Up. I like to wear a lot nude shades in my lips in now days so this shade is just perfect for me. It's a very light lipstick which gives an elegant plush with matte finish. It's coating the curves of my lips with irresistibly creamy but at the same time a light colour. I have been putting sometimes two coats of it and it's been a bit darker colour.

Next one is Lovely perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker. My mom bought it for me on Christmas. It's really soft but at the same time a bit sharp. So just few spray of it will be enough. It opens with soft citruses (nectarine and bergamot) and woody (rosewood notes, with a touch of lavender. I have been using it a lot.

Here in Finland is still very cold weather and my nordic face is not liking it at all. The skin on my legs and hands have been very dry. After a hot shower I must have been using some moisturizing body lotion. I'm a big fan of Playboy stuff and I have been absolutely loving this Playboy VIP moisturizing body lotion.  The scent of it, it's really great and the cream is not too heavy. It's very light and it's been really good to spread it. It also have been giving to my skin some sparkles which I'm loving too.

Next favourite is Mansester's new album Maskin alta and especially a song from it called Katso mua (Look at me). You can find that song on Spotify as well as the whole album. I like it a lot and that's why I recommend you all to listen it.

Here is a link to Spotify: http://bit.ly/maskinaltaspotify

I haven't been watching that much movies but the movies I have been watching and liking are A dog walker's Christmas tale (Oh yes I watch Christmas movies through the whole year) and One for the money. I also have been watching little bit Bill Burr's stand-up show which my friend recommended to me. It's really funny. It's one of the Netflix's original things.

I listen a lot of music daily and in this month I have been listening the most songs called Don Omar - Los Bandoleros, Mansesteri - Katso mua, Maanes - Calor and Zack Knight - Enemy.

These was all my favourites from this month. Of course there is some other products, music and other stuff which I have been liking but these I wanted to take in this post. I will be doing this kind of post in every month.

- Love, RN

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