Feb 14, 2017

Adult's friend-book

Happy Valentine's day everyone! When I was younger I had a friends book. There wasn't that many posts, I just needed to have it because everyone else had it too. I have seen few bloggers doing this kind of post. So I decided to do it as well but with my own twist. I was thinking some questions and googling them as well and here they are.

What is your name: Ramona Nyman

What is your nickname: Rampe, Ramsu, Ramos

When were you born: On 5th September on 1998, so I'm 18 years old now.

Where you lived when you was a kid? I was born in Lohja but my parents lived at that time in a town called Espoo in Southern Finland. I lived in Espoo one year before my parents decided to move to Lohja in 2000.

Where do you live now? I live in Southern Finland in small town called Lohja.

Where do you want to be living in the future? Even though I like to live in here Finland, I want to see the world. So I would like to live in the future in either Canada, USA or in one of the latin americans country.

What was your dream profession (job) when you was a kid: a police officer or an secret agent, a doctor (surgeon) or an animal attendant.

What is your profession (job) now? At the moment I'm studying counting business in my third and final year. After graduating from this vocational school, I would like to still study more either business or English at least.

What hobbies you had when you was a kid? When I was younger I liked to try new things. I for example danced hip hop and rumbita. I also rode with a horse. Since I was very young and able to hold a pen in my hand, my mom allowed me to draw. So since I was about under one years old, I have drawn.. I'm still drawing in now days.

What hobbies do you have now? I'm singing and listening music, drawing, writing this blog and sometimes I like to go to the gym.

What would you do if you could get more hours in the day? I will either do more my daily things like for example this blog or just simply relax, stress less and just enjoy with my family and friends.

What kind of music did you like when you was a kid? I've been absolutely loving rap, hip hop music always. When I was really small and we were in a car with family, my older brother used to listen to rap. He listened to a finnish rap artist called Pikku G. From these times, I remember a song called Jake.

I had an very old CD-player when I was a kid. With it I usually listened music. I had my dad's very old CD and from there I remember a song called Danny - Kesäkatu.

What kind of music do you like now? In now days I've listened rap, hip hop, reggae, reggaeton and cumbia. I'm listening that much music so I don't really have a favourite one but I've listened a song called Ride Out from Kid Ink, Tyga, Wale, Rich Homie Quan lately. It's part of the official Fast 7 music videos and songs.

What is the most embarrassing television show that you are watching? Well I don't watch that much TV anymore. I have so much other things going on right now. But I've watched before Teen Mom original and UK.

What makes you always cry? I absolutely love dogs, especially my dog Bruno of course. I don't know why but always when I watch some dog rescue videos from Youtube my eyes get wet.

What was your favorite toy when you was a kid? My absolutely favourite toy was Aladdin's Palace. At some point I lost it and didn't see it again. But I will always remember it.

What is your favorite toy now? My "favourite toy" now is probably my phone. I'm playing with it may hours in a day. I can't image a day without it.

What is the wisdom that you have learned so far? Each event have it's own purpose.

- Love, RN

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