Mar 3, 2017

Trip to Sweden part 1

I've been sick lately so I haven't been posting anything in a while but now I'm back. On February 19th to 21st in 2017 I was in a cruise to Sweden in Silja Serenade with my 2 best girl friends. I have never been in Sweden or in a cruise so this was my very first time.

The ship to Sweden left at 5.00pm. My friend and her father was picking me up from our yard on the afternoon. We wanted to be in Helsinki well in advance so we have enough time to buy some snacks to the ship. First we went to a normal food shop where I bought some bananas, cookies and water. After that we went to MacDonalds. We arrived to self-check-in seasonably. There was a lot of people and I didn't think earlier that there could be that full and crowded.

We made it to the ship from the check-in. When we arrived to the ship, the ship's captain welcomed us. In the Promenade floor there was playing right away a trio band called Ree Train. In the ship we had a small cabin. It was clean and very intimate. There was beds for four, a television, a table, a window to outside and a very small bathroom and shower place. I suffer sometimes from a small panic attack in small places. At some point I was about to have one because our cabin was that small lol.

After being for few hours in the cabin we went to check out ship's stores. I foud from there few nice things but almost everything was very expensive and I didn't want to buy anything. Instead in Taxfree for example cigarrettes, snuff and alcohol was very cheap and I bought them from there as souvenirs to my family. After shopping we went back to our cabin to chill and get ready for the night. We also played with cards.

The main performer of the evening was at 7.30pm. It was an aerial acrobatics show Wheel of Death from a Swiss Gengis Van Gool. It was very cool and exciting. First of all he was walking inside of the big weel. Then after he jumped into the innel of the weel. He took his jacket and tie off and played with them. Then he took his skipping rope from his back pocket and started to jump with it while the weel was rotating. I was little bit scared for him lol.

After the dangerous show we went to a bar called Atlantis Palace. There was going on a Grand Opening show. We listened that while we drank one drinks. After that we went to the Casino and tried few games. No-one won anything though.

About in the midnight we went back to our cabin's beds to sleep because we had a pretty early wake-up in the next morning in Sweden.

This post will continue in the next post... Stay tuned for that.

- Love, RN

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