Mar 12, 2017

Birthday Bebe-bagels

My mother have a birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I LOVE YOU! We celebrated it earlier though. Usually me and mother do a cake together for every party or other fancy festive event. Plus the main cake, I'm usually doing something little like for example some cookies or pastries. I absolutely love to do them.

At this time I wanted to do Bebes. I was reading a finnish Pirkka magazine and I noticed the recipe from there. In now days, I always read the food recipes first lol. I never tried to make Bebes so I decided to do them. Before that though, a few funny (not that funny lol) facts. Bebe-bagels have been made since early 1900s. Bébé is a French bagel.




200 grams of butter

1,5 deciliters of sugar

1 egg

4,5 deciliters of flours


0,5 deciliters of sugar

1 tablespoon of potato flour

2 yolks

1,5 deciliters of cream

150 grams of butter

2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar


about 4 deciliters of icing sugar

little bit red or red shades juice

2,5 tablespoons of hot water

little bit nonpareils


1.  Take all the necessary ingredients up to your kitchen's table so they are available whenever you need them. Wash your hands and just start to bake.

2. Put the oven up to the 175 degrees Celsius.

3. Start to bake the cereal base, whisking the sugar and butter until it's stiff foam. When the mixture is lighter foam, add the egg quickly. Add flours in four batch. Stir the mixture between each batch.

4. Divide the prepared dough suitable parts. According to the original recipe, you could make 24 bagels but I was just able to make about 17 bagels. Press the dough to anointed bagel casseroles bottom and sides. It took me a while to do that. I didn't think earlier that it could take that much time. As a bagel casseroles I used small rose-patterned silicone ones from Lidl, Finland.

5. Bake them in center of the oven at 175 degrees Celsius about 12 minutes or until the edges are golden. After baking, cool the bagels for a while. When they are almost cooled, remove them carefully from their bagel casseroles.

6. For the cream filling, stir the sugar, potato flours, yolks and cream among themselves in the saucepan. Do not let it boil. After cooling it little bit, put it to the fridge.

7. Whip the soft butter until it's stiff. Add to it the cold cream filling from the fridge and vanilla sugar. Make it smooth.

8. Fill the bagel bases with the filling cream. It is very important to make the top of the bagels flat and nice. Let the bagels solidify in the fridge.

9. Stir the hot water and icing sugar to a smooth mixture. Use little bit of red shade of juice to make the mixture light pink. Spread the icing to top of the bagels. Decorate them with nonparels. Keep the Bebes in the fridge. It would be nice to cover them with for example a plastic bag or tinfoil so they don't take any flavors of the fridge itselves.

10. Enjoy eating them with for example a nice cup of coffee.

These have many baking stages. After all, it was pretty easy to make them. And they are absolutely delicious.

- Love, RN


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