Mar 22, 2017

Trip to Sweden part 3

I had to do more than one post about my trip because I have a lot of to say and a lot of pictures. This is the third and final post (Finally. I've made these posts for almost a month now lol. If you missed the first 2 posts, please check them out first from here and here.

After coming back to the ship from streets of Stockholm, we went to our cabin. I was tired after all that walking. After a while, we went to shop more to a Tax Free. Before we went to Sweden, we exchanged some euros to swedish crowns. So first of all, I wanted to use my cash crowns in Sweden and after use the rest of my cash in the ship. I bought few stuffs from there. I for example bought for my dog, Bruno, a Silja Seal toy. I had to buy it from a Tax Free because I didn't find any animal shop in Sweden. It was a little frustration because I tried to find an animal shop from Sweden very hard. I'm anyways happy with Silja Seal toy because it's cute and Bruno likes it a lot.

At some point we went to ship's deck. We walked around the entire ship. I can still feel the wind from there lol. The view was anyways beautiful.

We went for a while back to our cabin. There we just hanged out, drunk and chilled out while we played cards. At 7.30pm Gengis Van Gool had his amazing aerial acrobatics show Wheel of Death once again. We wanted to go to see that. At this time though, we were watching it from the other side which was a good variation.

The ship was in Mariehamn, Åland in the midnight. We went to watch it and get some pictures to the ship's deck. I was freezing but the view was really beautiful lol.

Our trip was almost over, so we wanted to go to party more. First of all, we went to that same bar where we were previously, Atlantis Palace. There was performing a band called Northern Lights. They presented some Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish hit songs along the years. We just listened their songs and chilled for a while. My friends even tried to dance little bit lol.

At some point we decided to go to check out one other bar also. It was called New York Club & Lounge. I liked it more. There was a lot of young people and the music was really loud. At some point I though that I'm losing my sight lol. We had a lot of fun and we danced like there is no tomorrow lol. We went back to our cabin at about 4.00am.

I couldn't sleep my beauty sleep at all in this trip lol. I was just able to sleep few hours. In the morning I was little tired but happy because I was finally able to go home and sleep more.

We arrived to Helsinki at 10.30am. My friends dad was picking us up from the port.

After all our little trip went so well. I want to go to Sweden again and be there longer. I also want to see my friends and family from there. Maybe that will happen in the short-term future, who knows. 

- Love, RN

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