Jan 16, 2017

Time gold memories 2016

It took from me a little while to do this and go through all my thousands of pictures. But here it is finally. The year have been changing. It's hard to believe but it's already 2017. So it's time to look back and see what all I did in 2016 and what kind of year it was for me.


January was really pretty "normal" month for me if I can say so. I don't usually do my nails but then I wanted to do them. I also started to paint. I haven't paint much but I hope that I'm able to do it more within this year. I'm studying counting business and my second years spring season started in the beginning of the January. Right now I'm doing my third, last year.


Thanks to the global warming, we still had a lot of snow on February. I don't mind it, it's really beautiful but the cold it's sometimes too much. I would still prefer too cold than too hot.


The longest waiting of my life ended when our family dog Bruno came to our family on 23th March. I honestly think that he is the best dog in the world. He is a lovie and warming my heart. I can't be ever mad at him. In the first picture he is about 10 weeks old. That picture was from Estonia. . The other picture is my first actual picture of him. In that picture he is 12 weeks. He was in my brother's lap while we drived to the home. He came from Estonia and he had a long way to come. But I'm really glad because he is here with me now.


The weather was really nice on April. The sun was shining, birds were singing and I was having fun.

"Here I am just having fun."

 MAY ( V )

I was randomly taking some pictures with Bruno on my bed in one day, and this picture is one of my favourite pictures of him. He is five months in it.


In the early of June, my school's second year ended and my summer break started. I was randomly in a one meeting with my other teacher. My real class rooms teacher came. He had a lot of flowers in his arms and he gave me one and wished me happy, good life and future. That was the last time when I saw him because he moved to teach in somewhere else. In this month I was too having fun with my three best girl friends in Helsinki. We had a sleepover and we were just having fun. We went to the Kiasma (Museum of Contemporary Art) and just do normal shopping. I had so much fun.


The weather was really nice pretty much all the time. It was really hot (over +15^C which is hot in Finland lol). So it was really hot and me and my family wanted to cool us down. We went to a close lake. We wanted to see for the first time how Bruno will swim. My good boy was a good swimmer.


August was pretty busy or at least I felt that it was busy month for me. In the beginning of August I was an acting assistant in one moved (JPTJ). I was acting in the background with about 70 other actors. It will come out hopefully by the end of this year to the movie theaters. I will tell more about it nearer it. In the first picture we are filming an outdoor scene and having a party. And in the second one I'm getting my hairs and makeup done. The costume designers were also checking out that my clothes are fine. I needed to change them ones.


My 18th birthday was on 5th September. I was celebrating it twice. First I had my birthday party with my family and then with my friends. With my family, we ate well and after in the night we went to the hot tub and sauna to relax. The hot tub was outside and it was really nice to be there because it was getting cold already. A week after, I was having a sleepover with my girl friends.


For the first time ever I was in a swedish interior design store called Ikea. I was there with my mom and grandma. We didn't buy much but we spended over five hours total in there. Well what you can expect when womens go to do some shopping lol. In the other picture, I was waiting my mom from the shop in the car because they didn't allow dogs and Bruno wanted to drive lol.


My friend had her birthday party. She had a ice hockey game in the same day so me and my girl friends went to see it. I have been knowing her many years but this was still the first game where I was. I maybe have to go to see more of her games. I anyways like to watch ice hockey mostly World Championship games.

I don't have Bruno's paw marks anywhere else than this second picture. His paw mark is so cute. I need to take it in the paper and draw his picture to it too.


Christmas is my favourite holiday. I'm always even in the summer time singing Christmas songs and waiting really hard when it's Christmas again. Bruno was born in 24th December of 2015. So in the last Christmas Bruno turned one year. He is one years old in humans age and 7 years old in dogs age.

-Love, RN

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