Jan 10, 2017

Alphaebets of my life

As a second post and the first post of 2017 I wanted to make a alphabets of my life. I wanted to tell more about myself. 

I love animals a lot. Since I was a little girl, I've always been dreaming about having my own animal. I wanted to own a dog, a cat, a guinea pig and a hamster. And that dream came true when I had my own lovely chihuahua Bruno on 23th March 2016.

Bruno 1 years old

I'm little bit oversensitive to coffee but I love to drink it. My favorite coffee is vanilla ice coffee. I also like to drink Starbucks.

I have been dancing one year rumbita and hip hop when I was younger. I want to start dancing again. Not maybe right now but later.

Someones can think that I don't eat much because I'm this little. But believe me, I love to eat different foods. It's just that I have a very good metabolism. The most, especially at home, I like to eat little snacks and just enjoy.

My family and friends are the most important for me. I can't live without them.

"How could we not talk about family, when family's all that we got. Everything I went though you were standing there by my side." - WK

Once in awhile it's nice to have a little gym time. Put my headphones on me, listen good training music and just do my training. I do it once in awhile at home too when I have time to do it.

Right now I draw black&white pictures with normal pencils and charcoals. I love to listen to music and make my own lyrics and of course sing. But that is just for my own fun. I also do this blog when ever I have time to do so. 

Lately I haven't been updating my Instagram as much as I would like to do. But for now I try to be more active in there. You can find me on Instagram: ramona.nyman

JOULU (CHRISTMAS in Finnish). 
Christmas is my favorite and it's the most beautiful time of the year.

"When there is evil, there have to be also kindness." You have to be kind. 

LL = Love, Life 

"Music is my life and lyrics are my story." I made a long writing, throughput about my thoughts and music in 2015. The whole idea started when I wanted to gather my thoughts on the paper. Later I started to think about myself and important things for me. Thoughts and reflexions came to my mind gradually. First there was an idea of gathering my ideas, then music and then drawing few pictures. I drew four pictures from my thoughts which reflects different elements and things from my life and inspirations. It's called Pohjalta aloittaminen ja huipulle pääseminen (eng. Starting from the bottom and getting to the top). 

Daily I'm listening to music and just enjoying my day with it. 

When I have time and when it's working I like to watch Narcos, Jane the virgin and some random movies. 

In my own free time I like to spend with my babe Bruno, family and friends and my phone. 

With some things like drawing I like to be a perfectionist and do my best in the best way. It's not the end of the world if something goes wrong but I want to atleast try my best. 

At some point I want to make a Questions and Answers -post so make some badass questions for me. 

Ramona is a beautiful name and I like it. My parents told me that when I was small, in our neighbourhoods where living a guy who always called me Rähinä (eng. brawl). He said that daily and eventually my parents wanted to name me according to his words and I was christened to Ramona. It's funny because I was born in 1998 and that is the year when a really famous finnish recording label Rähinä Records Oy was founded. 

Once in awhile I like to shop new clothes and makeup. It's fun and it's making me feel good. 

In my life I haven't travel but it's something that I want to do in the future. I want to see the whole world but at first  I want to go to Canada, Argentina, USA and Australia.

I'm an very unique person who likes to do what ever I want and don't care what the others are saying.

I've always been a visual person and that's why I'm interested about drawing, music, beauty, decoration ect. Beautiful views and nature are also beautiful things for me. 

Feel good, eat in a healthy way and take of yourself. It's really important. I want that I'm able to say daily in the morning when I wake up "Good morning World. I'm feeling good today, outside but inside too.".

I have to have at least two bags of xylitol gum. Every time after eating I need to take one.   

I'm using Youtube daily. I'm watching vlogs and famous videos from different Youtubers all around the world. I also like to watch some gaming videos. I also listen my playlists when ever I'm walking to somewhere and for example cleaning the house.  You can find me on Youtube Ramona Nyman.

You have to be Zen.

- Love, RN

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