Jan 23, 2017

Good morning - routines

I'm a girl who likes to plan things out and know what will happen next in my daily school or work days schedule. So now when my school and work have begun again, I have some routines for the mornings and evenings. I have some routines because with them I will not be that late. In the weekends and breaks I just go with the flow and situations. I will share my weekly morning routines in this post.

I have to wake up at least one hour before I have to leave the house so I have enough time to get ready. Usually my school is starting at 8 o'clock and because of that I have been waking up at about 6.30am. I'm sometimes snoozing my morning alarm from 6.15am every 10 minutes until the time is about 6.40am and I have to wake up. Few seconds after waking up I'm just thinking how sleepy I am lol. Then I make my bed look nice again. It's making me feel better for some reason.

Usually at this point Bruno have heard me and wants to give me morning kisses. In the mornings we have no lights on and because of that Bruno was ones standing at the door of my room being afraid of me lol. I had to calm him down and give him few extra kisses lol. After that will be the time to go to bathroom to brush my teeths and change my clothes. Sometimes when I remember I'm picking up my clothes before sleep but not always because I will be too sleepy already.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I'm trying my best to have a good one. Usually I'm having a vanilla yogurt with an healthy grain mixture (oats, wheat, barley and rye), 2 cucumber, cheese and ham breads and a fresh glass of a fruit juice. I make these in the previous night so I have more time in the morning. I'm trying to have my breakfast in 10 minutes and after I'm running to do my makeup.

Of course it would be nice to do my whole makeup routine but especially in the school mornings I'm just trying to cover my black eye circles and spots and look nice lol. After doing my makeup I'm brushing my hairs and putting them nicely but fast because at this point it's getting late already and I have to go to school. Sometimes I arrive at school at 7.45am and sometimes at 7.55am, it depends on how fast I have been and what kind of traffic is.

I need to make more these routine posts in the future.

- Love, RN

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